Support Local! Vecinos Market makes it Easy

With so many small and local businesses feeling the squeeze of this pandemic, more and more Miamians are looking for ways to support them. If you’re aching to purchase locally made goods but not quite ready to give up the ease of immediate delivery, you’re in luck. Vecinos Market is a digital marketplace for Miami’s best products that not only makes it easy to shop local, but to receive too! Choose your preferred delivery day upon checkout and relax until your orders arrive at your door. Read more

Colony Hotel

Miami and Miami Beach are unlike anywhere else in the world. Six time mayor of Miami Maurice Ferre once described the city as follows: “If you look at America, together with South America and Central America and the Caribbean, Miami becomes central; domestically (it is) not important but internationally, it is.” Miami has been critiqued and criticized by its urban American counterparts for decades, yet these “outsiders” fail to recognize that this complicated and layered seaside paradise doesn’t play on the same field. Miami is not “America”, per se, but rather an international safehouse that remains dedicated to maintaining the variety of cultures it represents. Joked about as the “Capital of South America”, Miami and Miami Beach depict traditions far outside the South American spectrum, with pockets dedicated to Haiti, Italy, Russia and more.
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Miami Officially Has a Drive Thru Movie Theatre!

Do you miss going to the movies? Well you are in luck. Carpool Cinema Wynwood is in full swing, taking you back in time to the good old days of drive-in movie theatres and broadcasting some of Hollywood’s time-honored flicks. Think nostalgic classics like Jurassic Park, Grease, Back to the Future and the Goonies! Read more

St. Augustine, FL

Lots of South Floridians are looking for a means to escape, even for a couple of days. While the Keys are a famous go-to, why not consider going up the coast? Five days makes for a great road trip, starting in the Miami area and heading up to Savannah and Charleston! With incredible houses and fantastic food, these two cities are not only charming but also chock full of history and culture.

Day 1: Leave early in the morning. Head north to St. Augustine, where you can stop for a saunter around the old town, a swim in the sea, or a hot plate of fried green tomatoes at The Floridian. Continue on to Savannah for an evening meandering along the river. Read more

Miami City Ballet Has a New (Temporary) Home on Lincoln Road!

Where BCBG once was, now stands a different display of art – performing art! The Miami City Ballet, whose normal location on Liberty Avenue has been closed since March, was on the market for a space where dancers can practice outside of their homes. With the plethora of vacancies on the once-bustling Lincoln Road combined with Miami Beach’s pivot toward a culture and arts vibe, allowing the dancers to showcase their talent for the world to see seemed like an obvious move to Michael Comras, CEO of Comras Development Company. “With more vacancies, this is what we need to bring to retail,” Michael Comras said. “People want arts, culture and to be entertained.” Not to mention, Miami City Ballet originally opened on Lincoln Road 35 years ago before moving a bit north on the beach. Read more

“Enough!” Mayor Dan Gelber proposed on Wednesday, July 22 that the seemingly out-of-control party tourism that has been plaguing residents for years is coming to a halt. How? By instilling (and in some cases making permanent) rules and regulations that will limit the sale of alcohol after midnight, enforce noise ordinances and reinstate the open-container law. These proposals, however, are short term and beg the question – Where does South Beach go from here? Read more

How to Celebrate July 4th Amid Lockdown in Miami

The mouthwatering smell of smoke mixed with charcoal lingering in the humid air could only signify one thing — a barbecue. Miami locals know grilling is an international affair. For the rest of the USA, barbecues serve as a representation of American culture, but here in Miami, they also represent Brazilian, Argentine, Haitian, Uruguayan, Cuban, Korean, Jamaican… Well, you get the picture. Read more

Beach Baby Green, a Raw Salad Subscription Service

Within the constraints of a suffering economy and catastrophic loss of jobs, a silver lining can be seen for some in the form of new local business. Throughout the country, citizens have been forced to get creative to make ends meet. That’s where Beach Baby Green, a Raw Salad Subscription Service, comes in! One of the latest Meal Subscription Plans to emerge from South Florida, Beach Baby Green is the only local salad-based meal delivery service! Read more

Miami Beach’s Beaches Are Opening

A collective exhale could be heard amongst many of Miami Beach’s local residents when the news was released that the city’s public beaches would be reopened for visitation. Not without its own set of rules, beach-goers are now permitted to swim and sunbathe just in time for a major spike in temperature and humidity.
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Little by little, Miami is opening its doors to residents who have had enough of dining, shopping and watching Netflix at home. For those that are ready for date night out instead of date night in, here is a list of restaurants that are welcoming diners into their establishments. Miami Beach in particular is embracing dining al fresco, literally, by shutting the iconic Ocean Drive to vehicular traffic in favor of generously-spaced outdoor seating.  Read more