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Support Local! Vecinos Market makes it Easy

With so many small and local businesses feeling the squeeze of this pandemic, more and more Miamians are looking for ways to support them. If you’re aching to purchase locally made goods but not quite ready to give up the ease of immediate delivery, you’re in luck. Vecinos Market is a digital marketplace for Miami’s […]

Miami Officially Has a Drive Thru Movie Theatre!

Do you miss going to the movies? Well you are in luck. Carpool Cinema Wynwood is in full swing, taking you back in time to the good old days of drive-in movie theatres and broadcasting some of Hollywood’s time-honored flicks. Think nostalgic classics like Jurassic Park, Grease, Back to the Future and the Goonies!

Want to Get Away? Head North to Go South!

Lots of South Floridians are looking for a means to escape, even for a couple of days. While the Keys are a famous go-to, why not consider going up the coast? Five days makes for a great road trip, starting in the Miami area and heading up to Savannah and Charleston! With incredible houses and […]

Miami City Ballet Has a New (Temporary) Home on Lincoln Road!

Where BCBG once was, now stands a different display of art – performing art! The Miami City Ballet, whose normal location on Liberty Avenue has been closed since March, was on the market for a space where dancers can practice outside of their homes. With the plethora of vacancies on the once-bustling Lincoln Road combined […]


Is South Beach Getting a Makeover?

“Enough!” Mayor Dan Gelber proposed on Wednesday, July 22 that the seemingly out-of-control party tourism that has been plaguing residents for years is coming to a halt. How? By instilling (and in some cases making permanent) rules and regulations that will limit the sale of alcohol after midnight, enforce noise ordinances and reinstate the open-container […]


How to Celebrate July 4th Amid Lockdown in Miami

The mouthwatering smell of smoke mixed with charcoal lingering in the humid air could only signify one thing — a barbecue. Miami locals know grilling is an international affair. For the rest of the USA, barbecues serve as a representation of American culture, but here in Miami, they also represent Brazilian, Argentine, Haitian, Uruguayan, Cuban, […]

Maintaining a Healthy Diet in South Florida After Quarantine

Within the constraints of a suffering economy and catastrophic loss of jobs, a silver lining can be seen for some in the form of new local business. Throughout the country, citizens have been forced to get creative to make ends meet. That’s where Beach Baby Green, a Raw Salad Subscription Service, comes in! One of […]